Welcome to Conscience Therapy – The Life Transformative Treatment Model

What is Conscience Therapy?

· Rediscovering the power of conscience

· Developing conscientious framework for life manageability

· Empowerment for daily right choices and constructive decision taking

What is not Conscience Therapy?

· Continuous struggle to find the way forward

· Continuous reversion to the old ways of life

· Continuous unfruitful search for hope and purpose in life

Counselling and other talking support provide a non-judgemental and empowering environment for understanding yourself, your story and their relation to the world in order to manage them effectively. The support I offer in variety of services is to equip you dealing with whatever challenges you are facing and facilitate environment to empower you to overcome them successfully. The daily challenges of life drain us emotionally. The search for peace and balance benefits from suitable form of talking support. I hope that my academic credentials, professional experience and counsellor’s expertise provide an appealing offer to your requirements.

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Conscience Therapy: Unveiling the Power of Spirituality in Conscientious Transformation by Yordan Kalev Zhekov

Book Description: This book formulates the foundations, structures, framework and tools of conscience therapy providing extensive examples of its applications. The new method has strong historical roots in psychotherapy, group talking support, addiction treatment, spirituality and religiousness. It is evidence-based methodology grounded on individual recovery experiences and advanced scientific studies. Conscience therapy research framework is well defined in regards to reflexivity, ontology, epistemology and methodology. It establishes the links of learning theory and social learning theory with spirituality and deals effectively with automaticity and attentional bias in addiction. The model contributes to positive psychology and addiction treatment dealing with the relationship between character strengths and virtues, spirituality, conscience, recovery and wellbeing. The applications of the modality are explored for support in marital crisis, as a therapeutic solution for prejudice and as a mediator for the integration of four major approaches for treatment of addiction. The book offers conscience therapy as a life transformative method for talking support and a tool for personal growth dealing with unhealthy habits, improving wellbeing and advancing the fulfilment of individual goals in every area of life.

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