Your Conscience

The concept of conscience plays a significant role in the field of philosophy, psychology and theology. Defining this role provides grounds for the utilisation of the concept’s nature and functionality in the treatment of addiction and other psychological disorders. There is a close relationship between conscience and spirituality which examination provides understanding of the process of effective transformation and insights into the treatment of addiction. The following table offers a general overview of conscience and its operational values for life.

Conscience Nature and Its Impact on Your Life




Guides Behaviour

Facilitates affective response to self-assessment

Resources motivation

Shapes beliefs 

Provides affective response

Edifies existential goals

Supports self-understanding

Guides emotional feedback to self

Shapes personality

Defines self-affirmation

Formulates the utilisation of guilt and shame

Structures personal life

Interferes with unwanted habituality  

Challenges unhealthy patterns of behaviours

Defines social interactions

Establishes healthy automaticity

Encourages healthy patterns of behaviours

Supports marital life

Provides perspective

Brings joy and satisfaction

Nurtures wellbeing