I offer the following services: 

Clinical supervision: The provision of empowerment to the practitioner to continue effectively the work while maintaining personal and professional credibility is the goal of this important task. This is achieved through the supervisions’ formative, restorative and normative functions according to the supervisee’s needs, clients’ cases and professional context. Formatively supervision will deal with the personal and professional growth. Restoratively supervision will encourage effective management of the cognitive, emotional and behaviour work load. Normatively supervision will provide platform of accountability for maintenance of safety and effectiveness of work practice.

Counselling: Providing a safe and empowering environment to rebuild and transform oneself through the counselling interventions. An integrative approach is undertaken in order to address the needs of every individual. A personal plan is prepared in a mutual agreement and through the psychotherapeutic work a journey of its fulfilment is undertaken. The goal is to equip the person with the relevant resources to manage effectively the current situation and resolve the impact from the past negative experiences.

Addiction interventions: Addiction may occur in literary every sphere of life e.g. substances, alcohol, gambling, internet, pornography, food etc. Every addiction is an expensive habit as well as detrimental for personal health, wellbeing and development. The impact is not only on oneself but on one’s family, relatives and friends. Hence addiction counselling interventions are offered for an effective and safe way to deal with these unhealthy behaviours.

Couple counselling: Providing a safe and empowering environment to restore and transform couple relationship through the counselling interventions. An integrative approach is undertaken in order to address the needs of both parties within the relationship. The individuality of the parties and their effective integration in the relationship is resourced through the talking support. A journey is commenced through the psychotherapeutic work for resolution of crisis and rebuilding the supportive and fulfilling framework of the relationship.

Group counselling: Facilitating a group with members who have similar interest to undertake a therapeutic journey within a safe environment for achievement of their goals. The individuality of each member is respectfully considered within the group dynamics. The counselling facilitation empowers the development of the group and each participant to express their personal story and benefit from the experiences of other members.

Weight management coaching support: We are living in very difficult times with a lot of challenges related to unhealthy habitual and resistant dietary lifestyles. The contemporary challenges involve the popularity of unhealthy food and sedentary lifestyles lacking exercises and activities.  The coaching support I offer will provide relevant framework for achieving the weight management and wellbeing personal goals.  

Personal Coaching: Understanding personal resourcefulness and individual goals in order to plan and achieve the latter is an important part of one’s personal, professional and social life. Exploring the way forward in life considering one’s strengths, skills and abilities within a safe and encouraging environment is provided through personal coaching. Focusing on solutions and working through difficulties to implement these achieving peace, satisfaction and content is part of the process.

Couple coaching: Providing a resourceful and encouraging environment for understanding and planning the achievement of couple goals in the context of their individual, personal, professional and social life. The support process explores the way forward considering the individuals’ views, attitudes, strengths, skills and abilities within the relationship. The focus is on understanding and implementing solutions within the complex dynamics of the relationship for attainment of peace, satisfaction and content for both parties.

Pastoral Coaching: Church leadership work is demanding and sensitive in all its dimensions. The level of attention required in every sphere of the work engages the resourcefulness of the leader in regards to cognition, emotion, behaviour and spirituality. Pastoral coaching is the provision of effective support to maintain personal resourcefulness and wholeness in order to continue pastoral care and leadership management with conviction, containment and satisfaction. 

Student Coaching: The support is essential for students as they put exceptionally hard effort and time in their progress with academia. The support is provided in the form of coaching/tutoring for the successful achievement of the academic goals during the studies. There may be various obstacles and difficulties with writing essays, studying for exams, preparing for presentations etc which require management. The talking support will facilitate the environment for empowering the student to achieve the particular goals and progress successfully with the studies. 

Debriefing: Passing through a difficult situation is exhausting and emotionally draining. An hour of debriefing would provide the safe environment to review thoughts, emotions, behaviour and outcomes putting everything into perspective.

Wellbeing support: Personal health and wellbeing are important to be maintained on daily basis. There are everyday challenges related to both personal and professional life. Sometimes these challenges are difficult to manage and the impact on the emotional health and personal wellbeing is negative and if not addressed may lead to long term consequences. Hence the wellbeing support will provide a talking therapy which will address the cognitive, emotional and behaviour challenges and endeavour to facilitate empowerment for constructive maintenance of personal health and wellbeing.

Training: A focused and well balanced education is relevant to provide the knowledge for dealing with diverse and demanding situations in everyday life on both personal and professional levels. Well targeted, evidential and constructive training will help provide balanced perspective and encourage the development of specific personal approach to the required area. Information is widely available today and knowledge may be developed quickly. It is practical wisdom which would make the difference in long term professional and personal management.

Managerial supervision: Work related issues pile up quickly and require resolution. Otherwise a considerable cognitive and emotional weight would be interfering with everyday duties. The usual company supervision may not be enough to lead to constructive regeneration of positive attitude, effective thinking and emotional balance related to the work duties and responsibilities. Effective supervision is essential to address the issues in a safe and productive environment within which reflective thinking and self-assessment are encouraged.

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