CT Positive Impact

Area of Impact


Moral framework edification

Conscience is the moral agent which establishes resources and manages the individual moral framework. When conscience is suppressed or silenced the moral framework is mismanaged and suffers various internal and external negative influences which damage the individual. The spiritually empowered conscience regenerates the moral framework and edifies it to enable the individual for making the right choices and decisions in everyday life.


The suppressed conscience leads to self-disempowerment allowing disruptive behaviours such as addiction to overtake oneself and disturb one’s life. The spiritually empowered conscience leads to self-empowerment for developing virtuous character and positive worldview for managing personal and social life.  

Life management

The suppressed conscience leads to life mismanagement underlined by various addictive thoughts, attitudes and behaviours. This lifestyle leads to degrading life goals and diminishing of positive motivation for personal growth. Spiritually empowered conscience provides cognitive, emotive, behavioural and character resources for successful management of life. Active conscience facilitates positive life goals and motivation for personal growth.

Relationship reformation

The suppressed conscience leads to deterioration of moral values which impacts negatively all relationships. The spiritually empowered conscience generates character edification which is underlined by development of strengths and virtues. The latter shape one’s thinking, emotions and behaviours leading to reformation of all relationships through selfless attitude based on love and appreciation of others.