Conscience in Recovery from Drug Addiction: A Theoretical and Empirical Study of Spiritual Conscientious Transformation for the Formulation of Conscience Therapy
 by Yordan Kalev Zhekov

Book Description: The present research advances the studies of recovery from drug addiction examining the role of conscience and its influences through spiritually transformative experiences. The scholarly research in substance addiction and recovery suffers internal tensions and underdevelopment related to the understanding of addiction, morality, spirituality and conscience. The aims of the study are to contribute to the resolution of these issues through exploration of conscience in drug addiction and recovery in light of its spiritual and/or religious transformative influences and utilisation in establishing the principles and outline for innovative treatment, conscience therapy. Narrative analysis (NA) establishes the methodological framework formulating the means for collection, examination and formulation of the results derived from the participants’ stories. A combined interview with unstructured and semi-structured parts is used to gather the data from the six participants. The latter are a self-selected diverse demographic group with homogeneous characteristics defined according to their addiction, recovery, spirituality and context. Due to the singularity of the context a seventh participant was interviewed to clarify its characteristics and dimensions. The analysis and discussions resulted in clarifying conscience through its cognitive, emotive, conative and behavioural elements, from being suppressed during addiction but rejuvenated through personal spiritual transformation. The latter is characterised by a personal divine relationship based on love, acceptance and forgiveness. The empowered conscience leads to progressive recovery and personal wellbeing. Finally, the research culminates in utilising the result in an innovative treatment from substance misuse, conscience therapy. The principles and outline of the treatment are summarised in the transformation of conscience through enlightenment, empowerment and edification.

ForewordDr. N. S. Xavier MD

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Conscience in Recovery from Alcohol Addiction: Exploring the Role of Spirituality in Conscientious Transformation by Yordan Kalev Zhekov

The lives of twelve ordinary people have been dramatically impacted by alcohol addiction. The destructive power of the substance is experienced in all spheres of life ruining all its structures, vaporising hope and degrading thoughts, emotions, behaviour and character. This dreadful condition is overcome through the experience of spiritual transformation leading to stable progressive recovery, renewal of self and rebuilding of all life structures. Conscience with its nature and functioning plays a key role in this process. The present book is devoted to rigorous scientific examination of this role, evidencing the extraordinary dynamics of the relationship between conscience, addiction, spirituality and recovery offering to the reader the incredibly fascinating stories of the participants. The study employs Narrative Analysis for the methodological framework utilising it for the assessment of data obtained through a semi-structured interview protocol. The evidence provides a firm foundation for developing conscience therapy as a treatment intervention formalising therapeutic guidance for spiritual conscientious transformation.

Foreword: Prof. Geoffrey M. Stephenson