Body Image

Basic Body Image Construct – Disfunction

From negative body image to poor diet and disfunctional wellbeing

Area of Impact


Conscience suppressed

The suppressed conscience is overwhelmed with misconceptions, fusion of thoughts related to the past, present and future. Dysfunctional worldview is supplying the conscience with false, negative information and believes. The suppressed conscience is reactive rather than interactive and communicates guilt and shame which are unmanageable. The physical symptoms follow directly the negative thinking and the unmanaged emotions with unbearable reactions of the body. The subsequent behaviour is destructive leading to failure of goals, degrading of character, desperation and depression.

Cognition misconception


Cognitive fusion is a result of negative thoughts combination from past, present and future. The past is interpreted through a distorted lens considering only the negative experiences. The present is shaped through misbalanced information from the selected media lacking evidential grounds. The self-fulfilling prophesy leads to negative results in the future. The wrong cognitive perspective is completely endorsed without the intervention of the conscience.

Emotions unmanageable

The intense emotions coming from the cognitive misconceptions and without the help of conscience are suppressed and left unmanageable. The process of suppressing can involve using substances as well as food.

Physical Symptoms unbearable

The physical symptoms are bodily reactions to the cognitive misconceptions, unmanaged emotions and suppressed conscience. These are physically overwhelming and uncomfortable.   

Behaviour chaotic

The behaviour is the result of the failures related to the cognitions, emotions and physical symptoms as well as the burden of the suppressed conscience. The behaviours are destructive to personal wellbeing, cannot lead to achievement of goals and degrade character leading to desperation, anxiety and depression. The suppressed conscience is not able to provide guidance and construct successful behaviour.

Basic Body Image Construct – Transformed

From positive body image to healthy diet and functional wellbeing

Area of Impact


Conscience empowered

The empowered conscience is providing holistic view of the internal and external personal reality. It provides a framework of cognitive balance within which past is well interpreted, the present is factually assessed and the future is resourcefully planned. The conscience engages with emotions and leads to their manageability. Any guilt and/or shame are resourcefully resolved. The physical symptoms follow the internal peace responding with external calm. The behaviour is developed constructively and it is effectively guided by the provisions from the conscience.

Cognition holistic  

A holistic view of reality is developed which takes in consideration the internal state and the external reality within the renewed positive and fulfilling worldview. The cognitive fusion is resolved through the input of conscience. The past is considered through a balanced perspective. The present is evaluated evidentially. The future is considered through a positive worldview. Conscience provides encompassing cognitive balance.

Emotions manageable

The emotions are experienced and homeostasis is achieved. The process is helped through the conscience input of forgiveness and restoration. Any addictive attachments to either substances or food are managed through the engaging of conscience leading to development of emotional coping strategies.

Physical Symptoms overcome

The physical symptoms are direct response of the holistic thinking, emotive balance both supported consistently through the empowered conscience. Anxieties leading to unpleasant physical reactions are effectively managed through facilitation of internal peace with the use of conscience.  

Behaviour constructive

The behaviour is well constructed and directed by the empowered conscience to lead to the achievement of personal goals in light of believes and strivings. Any behaviour challenges are evaluated and revised through the input of conscience. Old unhealthy automatic behaviours are unlearned through the use of conscience. New healthy behaviour patterns are developed.