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Conscience Empowerment as a Solution for Addiction Related Attentional Bias and Automaticity by Yordan Kalev Zhekov

This article provides a critical analysis of the concepts of automaticity and attentional bias as related to the maintenance of addictive behaviour. Automaticity based on Bargh’s view is manifested in addiction through attentional bias as a nonconscious response to particular salient environmental stimuli leading to continuous engagement in the unhealthy behaviour. The process is interrupted through the involvement of nonautomatic cognition leading to conscious management of the addictive behaviour. A new model is proposed for the activation and actualisation of the nonautomatic cognitive processes. This is characterised by conscience empowerment realised through the dynamics of spiritual and religious experience. The new model forms the basis for an effective treatment technique.

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Conscientious Recovery: Towards Conscience Therapy for Addiction by Yordan Kalev Zhekov

Conscience is a significant component in consideration of addiction and provides framework for successful treatment and recovery. The present article articulates the importance of the concept and its implications. Understanding conscience brings a new and profound outlook into human psyche. The nature and functioning of conscience have an all-inclusive impact. This resolves the tensions and integrates the multidimensional understanding of addiction and the diverse treatments’ emphasis. Therefore, the author proposes the development of a new theoretical model for holistic addiction treatment, conscience therapy. 

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The role of spirituality in defining the importance of character strengths and virtues for individual’s wellbeing and recovery from addiction 

by Yordan Kalev Zhekov

The present study defines the relationship between character strengths and virtues, spirituality, psychological wellbeing and addiction treatment. Character strengths and virtues are considered essential for personal wellbeing and recovery from addiction. The role of spirituality in light of its relationship to wisdom and gratitude is understood as unifying and empowering for the strengths and virtues of character and its development. The article considers a strong positive contribution of character strengths and virtues through the input of spirituality to individual’s wellbeing and recovery from addiction.

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To stress or to rest by Yordan Kalev Zhekov

This article discusses the rise of stress during the Christmas festivities and provides the alternative of rest defined by the spiritual nature of Christmas. The essence of this holiday is biblically defined with the Gospel, the good news of Jesus coming to provide the way of reconciliation for men with God. The rest is God's provision for healthy spirituality defined as relationship with God through faith in Jesus. Healthy spirituality is evidenced as crucial for recovery and in light of its relationship to conscience as essential for treatment established as Conscience Therapy. The article concludes that through accepting the true nature of Christmas the stress can be replaced with psychological rest for long lasting wellbeing. 

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