Addiction Impact

Area of Impact


Moral framework degradation

Addiction impacts conscience and degrades individual’s moral framework. When conscience is suppressed or silenced the moral framework is degraded and suffers various internal and external negative influences which damage the individual.



Addiction overpowers the individual exhausting the resources and influencing the manipulation of conscience. The suppressed conscience leads to self-disempowerment allowing disruptive behaviours to overtake oneself and disturb one’s life.

Life mismanagement

Addiction leads to life focused on feeding the addictive habit, manipulation of conscience and complete mismanagement of resources, orientation and goals. The manipulated conscience allows chaotic intrusions in life structures by various addictive thoughts, attitudes and behaviours. This lifestyle facilitates degrading of life goals and diminishing of positive motivation for personal growth.

Relationship traumatisation

Addiction impacts negatively all relationships. Their traumatisation is defined by the central role of the addictive behaviour and the inactive role of conscience to nurture moral values and maintain all relationships dynamics.